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    SubjectRe: kexportfs features
    > >>>"G. Allen Morris III" said:
    > > There are several improvements that I need to be made to kexportfs
    > > IMHO.
    > >
    > > 1. The Clients should be stored in xtab as IP numbers.

    I just realize that it won't work since

    1. A host can have more than 1 IP addresses.
    2. A host can have dynamic IP address.

    > > Right now kmountd can hang for a long time on start-up
    > > trying to resolve names. It calls auth_init before
    > > it forks. I don't see any down side to this, but I
    > > can be myopic at times.

    I moved auth_init to just before svc_run.

    > >
    > > 2. If the kernel rejects an export kexportfs still makes an
    > > entry in the xtab file. This would not be a problem except
    > > that the order that kmountd will mount these after a reboot
    > > is not clear.

    I will fix it.

    > >
    > > 3. The command `kexport -u bob:/usr' should unexport if
    > > that is what `bob' resolves to. I think that fixing 1. above will
    > > fix this problem as well. Since all lookups can be done by IP.

    I will find another fix.

    > 4. There needs to be a `devived export' list. The problem is that if there
    > is a wildcard export like :/. If host `A' mounts / and then
    > `kexportfs -au' is executed followed by a `kexportfs -a' host `A' will
    > get a `Stale file handle' error until `kexport A:/' is executed.
    > Anyone have ideas on the best way to handle this problem?

    I have some ideas on that.

    H.J. Lu (

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