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SubjectRe: my broken TCP is faster on broken networks
On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:

> > Windows immediately cuts me off from everything when that happens. Linux
> > will happily resume a three hour FTP transfer after I've long fallen
> > asleep.
> I propose to reduce the time it takes you to recover, not cut you off.
> Your connection should start working in seconds, not minutes. I am often
> under the exact same conditions as you, and I hate the recovery time.

In this case there should be a reset_exponential_backoff('device')
function on the kernel that should be called when the ppp connection comes
back up. This wont help hosts on the other side of an IP masqed connection
(my situation where the reconnect time sucks, I've got dial on demand ISDN
and a static IP)..

Is there perhaps an ICMP message that the masq box could send to the
inside computers to reset their expoential backoff?

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