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    SubjectRe: Freeze Upon /dev/fd0 Use
    On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Miklos Szeredi wrote:

    > > logged in the kernel logs. Any suggestions? I will try patches or any
    > > method suggested to help resolve this problem.
    > I have the exact same problem. Using floppy while playing sound can
    > reliably lock the machine after some time.
    > The hardware is the following:
    > - UP Pentium board

    I've also got one of those nameless boards. The problem
    is reproducible under DOS as well.

    The facts that the bug is very obvious and that the factory
    that made the boards didn't put their name in the manual
    suggests that they're somewhat ashamed of it :)

    Of course, the board was dirt cheap so I'll probably just
    upgrade to a PCI sound card ... or just stop using the
    floppy, hell, I can hardly remember the last time I used
    it :)

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