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SubjectRe: VFS/ext2fs - large files on the Alpha (fails for 17GB+)

On Sat, 22 Aug 1998 15:36:03 -0400 (EWT), Alex Buell
<> said:

> Whee. Can't wait to have the ability to bind together n number of devices
> into a single logical entity. Wait, we do have that ability thanks to the
> md drivers (but still, I know we can't have a filesystem larger than a
> terabyte though, neither is it possible to boot off such a filesystem
> arrangement!)

With the concept of bound filesystems, we can have a single filesystem
up to 8TB right now (but you need to use the prototype multi-volume
patches). The 8TB limit is then strictly an internal filesystem limit,
and an extended filesystem format could easily grow past that.

As far as booting is concerned, the main thing is that you need either a
/boot partition which LILO can cope with or am alternative way of
getting a kernel image running. Once you have got that, the "initrd"
boot ramdisk code will let you initialise your root filesystem just
about any way you want it before mounting it, including bound-volumes or


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