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SubjectRe: VFS/ext2fs - large files on the Alpha (fails for 17GB+)

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998 21:53:33 -0400 (EWT), Alex Buell
<> said:

> Does that means we *can* have a disk partition (or a RAID system) with a
> max. size of 70TB with ext2fs on Intel platforms with a block size of 8192
> bytes? If so, will that be enough to satisfy one's lust for ever expanding
> disk space....

No. Unfortunately, for now we are still limited to 2^31 * basic sector
size; all block device IO accounting is done internally in units of
512-byte sectors, giving us an upper limit of 1TB for any block device.

We do have prototype code to allow multiple devices to be bound together
at the filesystem layer. That will allow us to go above 1TB per
filesystem, but we'll still be limited to 8TB because of the maximum fs
blocksize of 4096 bytes. However, Ted's btree index code, when ready,
will allow us to get past even that limit. :)


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