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    SubjectRe: Strange interrupt behaviour
    On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Alex Buell wrote:
    > I'm now finding that after about 7 days' of uptime, this Linux box [P75 +
    > 16MB] actually gets slower than Win95. I'm not kidding. It's getting to
    > the point where I am contemplating dumping 2.1.x and going back to 2.0.35.

    I'd like to see you compare that to a 95 machine that's been up 7 days.

    > And that brings me to a nasty thought I've been having lately. What if we
    > have been infiltrated by covert Microsoft agents intent on sabotaging the
    > Linux project? I have seen the problems that you've had with the Linux
    > kernel by integrating bad source code that was given to you. [2.1.44 comes
    > to mind]

    I do beleve that's why Linus goes through the patchs. I reccomend
    cutting back on the cannabis for a slightly more clear headed approach.


    Gerhard Mack
    irc admin

    As a computer I find your faith in technology amusing.

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