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SubjectAIC-7XXX 5.0.18 trouble w/ wide devices on narrow channel
Hello everybody,

I patched my Linux 2.0.34 kernel up to AIC-7XXX driver version 5.0.18 and
encountered a bug.

System configuration:
Adaptec 2842VL (Narrow Fast SCSI)

SyQuest SQ3270S (Narrow SCSI)
Plextor PX-32TS (Narrow Ultra SCSI)
Micropolis 4345WS (Wide Ultra SCSI)

With 5.0.14 (as of plain linux-2.0.34) and aic7xxx=no_reset, everything
seems to be fine at first glance.

With 5.0.18, the driver properly detects it has a narrow channel VLB host
adaptor, but negotiates 16-Bit wide transfers with the Micropolis. This must
fail, since it's an 8 bit wide bus.

Thus, the kernel deletes the corresponding disk entry sda "illegal sector
size" (something around 16 million) and crashes with an "invalid zero
pointer dereference", followed by an oops. I cannot currently trace the
oops, I am setting up the machine for serial console controlled boot-up the
next days.

Patching aic7xxx_parse_msg to always use 8-Bit transfers did not help
either, it led to bus resets and kernel panic (since it could not mount its
root partition).


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