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SubjectStrange behaviour of devfs wrt /dev/tty

I noticed the following strange behaviour with devfs (patch-v27,
kernel 2.1.98). If some program opens /dev/tty (e.g. "cat < /dev/tty")
/dev/tty suddenly changes owner/group (to the uid/gid of the
program opening the device) and permissions (600). The problem is:
all other processes on the system see the _same_ permissions
of /dev/tty. Shouldn't that be visible only to the processes with
the same controlling terminal?
Cheers, Roderich
Neben Eden eben
Neben Amor
nie adretter
die Liebe grte!
Bier! Feten!
Gesegnete Freibetrge!
Bei Leid Retter da!
.. ein Roman eben.
Roderich Schupp
ExperTeam GmbH
Munich, Germany linux:2.1.98

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