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    SubjectRe: Euro symbol (going further off topic)
    Wow! How exactly do I do this? No, I'll find out myself. BTW, where can
    I find the euro symbol? seems to be _very_ slow (it's an
    NT box).

    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > to participate in it, as I am not a kernel hacker). All _I_ care about
    > > is that Linux will support the Euro well, and that Linux will do it
    > We already do
    > > faster, better and more efficiently (?) than other operating systems.
    > > The Euro symbol _must_ be in 2.2, at least 2.2.20, or else I'm switching
    > > to something else (I hear M$ is releasing NT5 soon...)! Note: This is
    > > not a threat, just a statement of intent meant as a threat.
    > Its just so comically funny

    > Linux runs in UTF8, you can load your own console translation tables
    > and keymappings. If you've got a downloadable font somewhere draw a euro
    > in the right box set it up and off you go.
    > Alan
    Thanks. Perhaps a Euro-HOWTO?

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