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Subject2.1.96: networking connections still hang

Subjectively, I think that it does not happen as often, but
my telnet connections from my home machine (running 2.0.0) to my
office workstation (running 2.1.96) still hang sometimes when my
office workstation is sending about a full screenful of text.

Here is the diagram of my network:

home phone ethernet office
machine <---------> server <---------> workstation
(2.0.0) (2.0.33) (2.1.96)

Only the telnets and rlogins directliy from my home
machine to my office workstation hang. If I log into the server
and then telnet from there to my office workstation, that never
results in a hang.

I hope this report has been helpful to anyone thinking about
the networking code or to anyone who else who is experiencing something
like this.

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+1 408 261-6630 | g g d r a s i l United States of America
fax +1 408 261-6631 "Free Software For The Rest Of Us."

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