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    SubjectRe: VFS 64-bit clean
    On Sat, 21 Feb 1998, Richard B. Johnson wrote:


    > Wouldn't it be better to make an "ext3" file-system that is a 64-bit
    > version of the ext2 one? That way, everybody is happy and everything
    > works.

    I agree - allthough I am not contributing to kernel development, I want
    to share my thoughts on the matter:

    I wouldn't waste time trying to make amazingly clever ext2fs extensions
    playing with reserved/unused bits in the structures. My feeling is that
    the direction should be ext3fs (based on ext2fs)

    It would only take someone with the balls to get things going and the
    already known linux-gurus to give their input so that ext3fs gets
    designed in a way that allows future enhancements without noticeable
    performance degradation.

    Comments? Flames?

    Samuli Kaski,
    Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland.

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