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SubjectSpontaneous Reboot
Greetings all,
Just downloaded 2.2.0-pre1 off of tsx-11. Configured and compiled
just fine. Went to reboot and poof, it looked like it oopsed. (running
matroxfb and when it went into graphics mode there was nothing, kinda like
the oopses in 2.1.78 or so when the fb stuff was new to IA32)

Now it actually boots, but not much farther. I see the NE2000 (ISA) driver
appear to load (flash of message that I can read) and then it reboots.

I see no error, or oops printout, it just reboots. This machine has been
pretty darn stable for all of the 2.1.1xx series, so this one bugs me.

One other darn peculiar thing that I noticed is that the kernel saw 2
processors, initialized them, but when the framebuffer started, there was only
one penguin rather than 2.

Anything I can test or try is welcome, I'm just as happy to see 2.2.0
finalized as everyone else...


BTW: Machine Specs:
Procs: 2x P-200MMX
MB: Tyan Tomvat 4 (1564D)
Mem: 128MB
Video: Matrox Mystique 220
Tape: IOMEGA Ditto Easy 3200 (Ditto dash interface card)
Sound: True blue SB16 (with sbpcd port)

Any more info needed, e-mail me.

Mark Szlaga
/dev/hdb5 - 0.5Gb of spinning metal, all alone in the night...
- unknown - alt.sysadmin.recovery
/dev/hdb5 - our last best hope for free space...
- Chip Salzenberg - <>

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