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    SubjectRe: 2.2.0pre1 OOPS on boot.

    On 30 Dec 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > Ahh, one last-minute thing in the 2.2.0-pre timeframe was to make a few
    > more things depend statically on the CPU configuration.
    > In particular, the thing that probably bit you is that as of 2.2.0-pre1,
    > the CONFIG_M586 define implies that the target machine _has_ to support
    > the TSC. This was simply because the SMP scheduling code came to depend
    > on the TSC for certain things, and it's too timing critical to do other
    > than as a compile-time define.
    > As that meant that CONFIG_M586 had to imply a TSC when compiling for
    > SMP, it made no sense to not enforce that assumption in other places
    > too. That's notably "do_gettimeofday()".
    > There is very arguably a bug there, but I'd say that it's just lack of
    > documentation. I've now documented that CONFIG_M586 implies having a
    > TSC, and made the bootup bug-check code actually verify that the runtime
    > configuration matches what the kernel was compiled for and it should
    > just panic clearly when it encounters unsupported hardware.
    > So basically:
    > - CONFIG_M386: Runs on anything
    > - CONFIG_M486: requires "invlpg" and a working supervisor mode WP bit
    > - CONFIG_M586: requires "rdtsc"
    > - CONFIG_M686: requires a non-broken local APIC when running SMP


    2.0.0-pre1 blows up in the 'swapper' task at boot time. Machine uses a
    gen-u-ine Pentium P166 which alleges support for TSC. Kernel is not built
    for SMP. I'm rebuilding with CONFIG_M486 and will let you know if this
    comes up.


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