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Subject2.0.36 network failure...
Hi there.

The enclosed was originally posted privately to some contacts asking
for advice, but unfortunately, none have any idea what's going on.
Although the error is appearing when ifconfig is run, it appears to be
some sort of kernel issue, hence my posting here...

As per the original message, any further information can be furnished,
but I don't feel like spamming this list with tons of stuff when most
of it is almost certainly irrelevant...

Best wishes from Riley.


Recently, when I reboot my system, I see some error messages towards
the end of the boot procedure. I traced through the various scripts in
the /etc/rc.d tree and found the line causing the error, but would
appreciate advice on what needs doing about it.

For reference, the the boot messages are as follows, with the lines
beginning "DBG:" containing the commands causing the appearance of the
error messages in question after the shell has finished its expansion:

===8<=== CUT ===>8===
sysctl: ip forwarding off
Swansea University Computer Society IPX 0.34 for NET3.035
IPX Portions Copyright (c) 1995 Caldera, Inc.
G4KLX/GW4PTS AX.25 for Linux. Version 0.35 for Linux NET3.035 (Linux 2.0)
Appletalk 0.17 for Linux NET3.035
DBG: ifconfig lo netmask broadcast
SIOCSIFNETMASK: Invalid argument
SIOCSIFBRDCAST: Invalid argument
DBG: ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast
SIOCSIFNETMASK: Invalid argument
SIOCSIFBRDCAST: Invalid argument
Mounting remote filesystems.
Starting system loggers: syslogd klogd
Starting at daemon: atd
Starting cron daemon: crond
===8<=== CUT ===>8===

At the stage the error messages appear, the script being executed is
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup if that helps.

System summary: Intel P166, 128M RAM, RedHat 5.0 upgraded to 5.1,
kernel 2.0.36, glibc-2.0.7-19.i386.rpm, and the command "ifconfig
--version" returns the following text:

Q> net-tools 1.47
Q> ifconfig 1.36 (1998-10-31)

Anything else needed can be advised.

Best wishes from Riley.

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