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SubjectGUS sound / SMP problem

I am getting strange behaviour with my GUS when running under a 2.1.12x
kernel but only when compiled for SMP.

I have tried kernels 2.1.126 through 2.1.129 and all give the following
symptom: Under very light load no problem. When moderately loaded
(nicing a couple of compute intensive jobs, or just starting x windows) it
starts to develope a strange mechanical buzz sound on top of the playing
music (ie with mpg123). Once this "mode" starts, it will usually not stop
until I clost the sound application and restart it. I get the kernel
message : "GUS Warning: PCM buffers out of sync" in the file gus_wave.c .
Again, I get no problems, even when heavily loading the processor (except
a few skips when the load gets way to high) on the uni-processor version
of the same kernel. I have been compiling all sound as modules in both
cases. Compiler was gcc .

Dual Pentium 166 MMX running on a TYAN TOMCAT III, 96 MBytes RAM
Gravis Ultrasound (Classic variety)

I am guessing it is a simple problem with locking(or lack there of), but I
don't understand enough about this driver to be of much help in the

-Walter Brisken (

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