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    SubjectRe: Out Of Memory in v. 2.1


    On Sat, Oct 03, 1998 at 09:11:54PM -0300, D. Schwingel wrote:
    > Bill Hawes wrote:
    > >
    [snip ]
    > When I tried Rick's patch it killed the leak process every time I
    > tested, but my patched system also killed netscape several times when
    > the system needed a lot of memory (not out of memory exactly), but I
    > could not patch OOM Killer against 2.1.121 and didn't see any new
    > version to check it out, so I don't have a final opinion.

    Along with netscape you can kill X and xemacs to piss other users or Apache
    or Squid or some big ass simulation some user is running on that box and is
    crushial for the main company project.

    This is sadly a no one situtation. Admins can minize the problem with sane
    and strategic (u)limits.

    I recall running my box out of mem (40M RAM + 128M swap) and just getting
    insane trashing and processes getting poped left and right ..... no

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