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SubjectAt boot time..I m in trouble
I ve recompiled kernel and only thing I did was just not to configure sound
card, cause I dont have one..
Now at boot time ( I dont know it it s related) I got errors:
mcdx=0x200,11 INIT FAILED. NO mcd device at 0x300 irq11
sbpcd-0=>Looking for Matsushita Panasonic) WARNING: Autoprobing can cause a
hang (f.e touching a NE 2000 card)
sbpcd-0=>scanning on 340 (sound blaster)..
and so on...
IT didnt stop scanning for sound cards I do not have:
e.g sbpcd-0[30]soundblaster
..and so..and so..for 30 mins my system was still bootin with sound cards
I had to throw out the floppy that contained what was supposed to be the
well configured kernel image!! But that wont resolve the problem..

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