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SubjectRe: Kernel patch acknowledgements
This sounds interesting... what do the kernel patches do?

On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, Shyamalan Pather wrote:

> Hello,
> I apologize for this question being slightly off topic, but this
> seemed like the best place to ask it. In the next day or two, I will be
> releasing several kernel patches that were implemented as part of a
> research project at the University of Kansas. These patches will be
> released under the GPL, so that they can be incorporated into the
> mainstream kernel, should they be deemed worthy. My question relates to
> the how the various contributors should be acknowledged.
> Part of the funding for this project was provided by Sprint
> corporation. Obviously, they will be acknowledged in the web pages and
> supporting documentation for these patches, but should they also be
> acknowledged in the source files? Will acknowledging Sprint in the source
> files pose any type of problem in regards to the patches being
> incorporated into the mainstream kernel under the GPL?
> Thank you
> -shyam pather
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> Shyamalan Pather
> Information and Telecommunication Technology Center
> University of Kansas
> Lawrence, KS
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