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SubjectRe: Memory being incorrected sized at boot-up

>From: Martin Mares <>
>> > Are you sure 0xe801 won't crash on bioses that don't implement
>> > it? I.e., mostly on ancient 386's ? ... but probably the best thing
>> > will be to test it in the 2.1 kernels before putting it to the
>> > mainstream ones.
>> >
>> This has been in 2.1 for quite a while. In fact, there are also two
>> new BIOS calls (one being int 0x15:0xe820) that may be considered...
> OK, I incorrectly assumed we call the old function first and continue
>with the new one only if it reports 64M...

That's what I did in 2.0.30, unfortuantely BIOS on Compaq's only
reports a maximum of 16MB wiht the old BIOS call.


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