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SubjectRe: Memory being incorrected sized at boot-up
In article <>,
Martin Mares <> wrote:
>> > OK, I incorrectly assumed we call the old function first and continue
>> >with the new one only if it reports 64M...
>> That's what I did in 2.0.30, unfortuantely BIOS on Compaq's only
>> reports a maximum of 16MB wiht the old BIOS call.
> Maybe call the new one for >=16MB? This will reduce the chance of crash
>on a mis-behaved BIOS to minimum. If such broken BIOS'es exist, they are
>probably on the 386's and most 386 machines have probably <16MB RAM.

Might it be a good idea to see if there are any old bioses out there
that DO fail before embarking on some byzantine patch to deal with
them? I know that the patch I put into the 2.1 kernels works on
some positively ancient 386sx AMI and Phoenix bioses, as well as the
usual bizarre outcroppings you find on old Compaq and IBM

david parsons \bi/ Utterly confused by this discussion.

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