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SubjectRe: 2.1.x problems
I really can't say what the problem is, but on my system I had to modyfy
the route command so:

route add -net [YOUR ADDR] netmask [NETMASK] [DEV]

for example, for the loopback:

route add -net netmask lo

otherwise it won't work.
To note further, running DIP gets me the same error messages, but it work
never the less, so I guess they're just advisors.
Tomás Restrepo Madrid
From: Jannis Boutsikas <>
To: Linux-Kernel <>
Subject: 2.1.x problems
Date: Jueves 20 de Marzo de 1997 1:14 PM

Hi there,

I have been experiencing the following problems with all kernels of
2.1.X, every time I boot linux I get the following message(s):

SIOCADDRT: no such device
route forgot to specify route netmask
SIOCADDRT: invalid argument
SIOCADDRT: no such device

I don't have any of those problems whith 2.0.27, and because of those
problems, I don't have any loopback or ethernet devices.

I believe that I have updated everything accorting to the readme files
in the source files.

Any help would be appreciated


Jannis Boutsikas | Skyttehaven 2, 5F
| DK-2950 Vedbæk
mail: | DENMARK
http: | +45 42 89 29 49

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