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    Subject1.2.13 v 1.3.81 open() speed results
    I have just done a comparision between 1.2.13 and 1.3.81 using an perl5
    app that recursively reads a directory tree, opens, reads and closes an
    arbitrary no of very small files - for each of these files opens, reads
    and closes another file.

    There is a marked difference between them:-

    1.2.13 1.3.81
    436.36 user 448.09 user
    41.74 system 552.36 system
    11.36.25 elapsed 21.12.38 elapsed

    ie it takes very nearly twice as long. Subjective use with SMB on this
    structure also seems very much slower on 1.3.81 especially if more than
    one person is accessing the same data.

    If someone would kindly point me at the kernel profiling app, I will
    recompile and profile the kernel.


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