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SubjectRe: kernel messages on the console
On 27 Mar 96 at 16:07, Avery Pennarun wrote:

> The "printk" command used to print kernel messages supports certain priority
> levels. As of the most recent kernels, only messages less important than
> "KERN_WARNING" can be turned off. The problem is that when printk() is
> called WITHOUT a priority level, such as most "old" or uninformed kernel
> code will do, the default is KERN_WARNING; this means that a lot of useless
> messages are forced to your console.
> Hopefully this will get sorted out before Linux 2.0 is released. I
> personally would prefer to be allowed to disable any message less important
> than a critical error - anything else should be able to be written to a
> logfile, so it's not so important to force those on.

Yes, yes, yes!!! Since the mechanism is there since at least 1.2.0,
all developers should really decide what the messages of their
drivers are ought to be (critical, debugging, warning, ...).


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