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 Re: [PATCH v2] RDMA/irdma: Avoid free the non-cqp_request scratchJason Gunthorpe
 Re: [PATCH 0/3] Move core bus and gpio aliases to SoC dtsi for RK3128Heiko Stuebner
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/3] Add power-controller and gpu for RK3128Heiko Stuebner
 Re: [PATCH] arm64: dts: rockchip: rk3399-gru: Fix PCI node addressesHeiko Stuebner
 Re: [PATCH] vfio: account iommu allocationsAlex Williamson
 Re: [PATCH v19 0/3] add debugfs to migration driverAlex Williamson
 Re: [PATCH v2 vfio 0/6] vfio/pds: Clean-ups and multi-region supportAlex Williamson
 Re: [PATCH v5 18/50] perf maps: Refactor maps__fixup_overlappingsNamhyung Kim
 Re: [mm-unstable v4 5/5] mm: memcg: restore subtree stats flushingShakeel Butt
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/4] riscv: sophgo: add clock support for sg2042Chen Wang
 Re: [PATCH v15 22/23] x86/mce: Improve error log of kernel space T ..."Huang, Kai"
[New][PATCH v2] drm/msm/dpu: improve DSC allocationKuogee Hsieh
 Re: [PATCH v5 17/50] perf debug: Expose debug fileNamhyung Kim
 Re: [PATCH v6 00/13] arm64: qcom: add and enable SHM Bridge supportDeepti Jaggi
 Re: [PATCH] staging: sm750fb: fix coding style camelCase issueGreg KH
[New]drivers/scsi/fnic/vnic_dev.c:332:32: sparse: sparse: incorrect typ ...kernel test robot
[New]net/xfrm/xfrm_state.c:2695:31: sparse: sparse: incorrect type in a ...kernel test robot
 Re: [PATCH v5 16/50] perf maps: Add remove maps function to remove ...Namhyung Kim
[New]arch/arm64/kvm/hyp/nvhe/stacktrace.c:10:1: sparse: sparse: symbol ...kernel test robot
[New]drivers/firmware/efi/sysfb_efi.c:331:39: warning: 'efifb_fwnode_op ...kernel test robot
 Re: [RFC PATCH 00/42] Sharing KVM TDP to IOMMUJason Gunthorpe
 Re: [mm-unstable v4 5/5] mm: memcg: restore subtree stats flushingYosry Ahmed
 [PATCH v3 1/4] mm/ksm: add ksm advisorStefan Roesch
[New][PATCH v3 0/4] mm/ksm: Add ksm advisorStefan Roesch
 [PATCH v3 2/4] mm/ksm: add sysfs knobs for advisorStefan Roesch
 [PATCH v3 4/4] mm/ksm: document ksm advisor and its sysfs knobsStefan Roesch
 [PATCH v3 3/4] mm/ksm: add tracepoint for ksm advisorStefan Roesch
[New][PATCH] phy: renesas: phy-rcar-gen2: use select for GENERIC_PHYRandy Dunlap
 Re: [PATCH 2/2] nfsd: Don't leave work of closing files to a work ...Chuck Lever
 Re: [PATCH v3] locking: Document that some lock types must stay al ...Bagas Sanjaya
 Re: [mm-unstable v4 5/5] mm: memcg: restore subtree stats flushingWei Xu
[New][PATCH v2] f2fs: Restrict max filesize for 16K f2fsDaniel Rosenberg
 Re: [PATCH v5 15/50] perf maps: Add maps__for_each_map to call a f ...Namhyung Kim
 [PATCH 2/2] ALSA: hda/tas2563: Add tas2563 HDA driverGergo Koteles
 [PATCH 1/2] ASoc: tas2563: DSP Firmware loading supportGergo Koteles
[New][PATCH 0/2] ALSA: hda/tas2563: Add tas253 HDA driverGergo Koteles
 Re: [PATCH v4 net-next] packet: add a generic drop reason for receiveWillem de Bruijn
 Re: [PATCH v5 14/50] perf thread: Add missing RC_CHK_EQUALNamhyung Kim
 Re: [PATCH v15 22/23] x86/mce: Improve error log of kernel space T ..."Huang, Kai"
 Re: [PATCH v5 13/50] perf maps: Move symbol maps functions to maps.cNamhyung Kim
 Re: [PATCH v1] neighbour: Don't let neigh_forced_gc() disable pree ...Doug Anderson
 Re: [PATCH v3 1/4] dt-bindings: soc: sophgo: Add Sophgo system con ...Chen Wang
 Re: [PATCH v5 12/50] perf map: Simplify map_ip/unmap_ip and make m ...Namhyung Kim
 Re: [PATCH v15 22/23] x86/mce: Improve error log of kernel space T ...Dave Hansen
[New][PATCH] staging: sm750fb: fix coding style camelCase issuelaburnumT
 Re: [mm-unstable v4 5/5] mm: memcg: restore subtree stats flushingShakeel Butt
 Re: [PATCH 3/4] mm: hugetlb_vmemmap: move PageVmemmapSelfHosted() ...Mike Kravetz
 Re: [PATCH v15 22/23] x86/mce: Improve error log of kernel space T ..."Huang, Kai"
 Re: [PATCH v3] regulator: event: Add regulator netlink event supportMark Brown
 Re: [PATCH v2 04/10] leds: aw200xx: use devm API to cleanup module ...Christophe Leroy
 Re: [PATCH v5 1/2] dt-bindings: timer: thead,c900-aclint-mtimer: s ...Inochi Amaoto
 Re: [PATCH v2 03/10] leds: aw2013: use devm API to cleanup module' ...Christophe Leroy
 Re: [PATCH v2 02/10] leds: aw2013: unlock mutex before destroying itChristophe Leroy
 Re: [PATCH net-next v2 7/8] dt-bindings: net: pse-pd: Add bindings ...Oleksij Rempel
 Re: [PATCH v13 8/8] x86/resctrl: Update documentation with Sub-NUM ..."Moger, Babu"
 Re: [PATCH v2 01/10] devm-helpers: introduce devm_mutex_initChristophe Leroy
 Re: [PATCH v13 7/8] x86/resctrl: Sub NUMA Cluster detection and enable"Moger, Babu"
 Re: [PATCH v13 6/8] x86/resctrl: Introduce snc_nodes_per_l3_cache"Moger, Babu"
 Re: [PATCH v13 5/8] x86/resctrl: Add node-scope to the options for ..."Moger, Babu"
 Re: [PATCH v13 4/8] x86/resctrl: Split the rdt_domain and rdt_hw_d ..."Moger, Babu"
 Re: [PATCH v13 3/8] x86/resctrl: Prepare for different scope for c ..."Moger, Babu"
 Re: [PATCH v13 2/8] x86/resctrl: Prepare to split rdt_domain structure"Moger, Babu"
 Re: [PATCH v2 0/2] Attach DT nodes to existing PCI devicesRob Herring
 Re: [PATCH v13 1/8] x86/resctrl: Prepare for new domain scope"Moger, Babu"
 [Patch v2 3/3] RDMA/mana_ib: Add CQ interrupt support for RAW QPlongli@linuxonh ...
 [Patch v2 2/3] RDMA/mana_ib: query device capabilitieslongli@linuxonh ...
 [Patch v2 1/3] RDMA/mana_ib: register RDMA device with GDMAlongli@linuxonh ...
[New][Patch v2 0/3] Register with RDMA SOC interface and support for CQlongli@linuxonh ...
 Re: [PATCH net-next v2 8/8] net: pse-pd: Add PD692x0 PSE controlle ...Oleksij Rempel
 Re: [RFC PATCH v2] perf evsel: Fallback to task-clock when not sys ...Namhyung Kim
 Re: [PATCH 2/4] mm: hugetlb_vmemmap: use walk_page_range_novma() t ...Mike Kravetz
 Re: [PATCH v5] x86/resctrl: Add event choices for mba_MBpsReinette Chatre
 Re: clang-nightly: vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:152:15: error: instr ...Nathan Chancellor
 Re: [PATCH 0/2] net: phy: micrel: additional clock handlingpatchwork-bot+netdevbpf@kernel ...
 Re: [PATCHSET 0/8] perf annotate: Make annotation_options global (v1)Namhyung Kim
 Re: drivers/usb/gadget/function/f_uac1_legacy.c:1: warning: no str ...Randy Dunlap
[New]drivers/comedi/drivers/ni_daq_700.c:163:17: sparse: sparse: cast t ...kernel test robot
 Re: [PATCH v1 1/2] perf metrics: Avoid segv if default metricgroup ...Ilkka Koskinen
 Re: [PATCHv3 14/14] x86/acpi: Add support for CPU offlining for AC ..."Huang, Kai"
 Re: clang-nightly: vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:152:15: error: instr ...Sylvestre Ledru
 Re: clang-nightly: vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:152:15: error: instr ...Nathan Chancellor
 [PATCH 3/3] arm64: dts: ti: k3-am625-phyboard-lyra-rdk: Remove HDM ...Garrett Giordano
 [PATCH 2/3] arm64: dts: ti: k3-am625-phyboard-lyra-rdk: Add HDMI s ...Garrett Giordano
[New][PATCH 1/3] arm64: dts: ti: k3-am625-phyboard-lyra-rdk: Lower I2C1 ...Garrett Giordano
 Re: [PATCH v3 6/6] ARM: dts: omap: gta04: standardize system-power ...Andreas Kemnade
 Re: [PATCH 1/2] Allow a kthread to declare that it calls task_work ..."NeilBrown"
 Re: [PATCH 2/2] nfsd: Don't leave work of closing files to a work ..."NeilBrown"
 Re: [PATCH v2] netlink: Return unsigned value for nla_len()Kees Cook
 Re: [PATCH] md/md-multipath: Convert "struct mpconf" to flexible arrayKees Cook
 [PATCH v3 5/6] kunit: add ability to run tests after boot using de ...Rae Moar
 [PATCH v3 6/6] Documentation: Add debugfs docs with run after bootRae Moar
 [PATCH v3 4/6] kunit: add is_init test attributeRae Moar
 [PATCH v3 3/6] kunit: add example suite to test init suitesRae Moar
 [PATCH v3 2/6] kunit: add KUNIT_INIT_TABLE to init linker sectionRae Moar
[New][PATCH v3 1/6] kunit: move KUNIT_TABLE out of INIT_DATARae Moar
 Re: [RFC KERNEL PATCH v2 2/3] xen/pvh: Unmask irq for passthrough ...Stefano Stabellini
 Re: [PATCH 1/2] perf/bpf: Allow a bpf program to suppress I/O signals.Andrii Nakryiko
 [PATCH v3 5/5] platform/x86/intel-uncore-freq: Process read/write ...Srinivas Pandruvada
 [PATCH v3 4/5] platform/x86: ISST: Process read/write blocked feat ...Srinivas Pandruvada
 [PATCH v3 3/5] platform/x86/intel/tpmi: Move TPMI ID definitionSrinivas Pandruvada
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