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Subject[RFC PATCH v4 1/5] mm: make alloc_demote_folio externally invokable for migration
From: Honggyu Kim <>

The alloc_demote_folio can be used out of vmscan.c so it'd be better to
remove static keyword from it.

This function can also be used for both demotion and promotion so it'd
be better to rename it from alloc_demote_folio to alloc_migrate_folio.

Signed-off-by: Honggyu Kim <>
Reviewed-by: SeongJae Park <>
Signed-off-by: SeongJae Park <>
mm/internal.h | 1 +
mm/vmscan.c | 3 +--
2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/mm/internal.h b/mm/internal.h
index b2c75b12014e..b3ca996a4efc 100644
--- a/mm/internal.h
+++ b/mm/internal.h
@@ -1052,6 +1052,7 @@ extern unsigned long __must_check vm_mmap_pgoff(struct file *, unsigned long,
unsigned long, unsigned long);

extern void set_pageblock_order(void);
+struct folio *alloc_demote_folio(struct folio *src, unsigned long private);
unsigned long reclaim_pages(struct list_head *folio_list);
unsigned int reclaim_clean_pages_from_list(struct zone *zone,
struct list_head *folio_list);
diff --git a/mm/vmscan.c b/mm/vmscan.c
index 6981a71c8ef0..27269bc2bcc5 100644
--- a/mm/vmscan.c
+++ b/mm/vmscan.c
@@ -933,8 +933,7 @@ static void folio_check_dirty_writeback(struct folio *folio,
mapping->a_ops->is_dirty_writeback(folio, dirty, writeback);

-static struct folio *alloc_demote_folio(struct folio *src,
- unsigned long private)
+struct folio *alloc_demote_folio(struct folio *src, unsigned long private)
struct folio *dst;
nodemask_t *allowed_mask;

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