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SubjectRe: [bug-report] task info hung problem in fb_deferred_io_work()
On 19/04/24 21:53, Nam Cao wrote:
> On 2024-04-19 Harshit Mogalapalli wrote:
>> +CC stable( heads up as this is a regression affecting 5.15.y and
>> probably others, Greg: this was reproducible upstream so reported
>> everything w.r.t upstream code but initially found on 5.15.y)
> No worry about this, I will add a "Cc: <>" tag
> to the patch, and the stable folks (or their scripts) will pick it up.

Thanks for that!

>> This patch works well against the reproducer, this simplified repro and
>> the longer repro which syzkaller generated couldn't trigger any hang
>> with the below patch applied.
> Great, thanks! Can I add
> Reported-and-tested-by: Harshit Mogalapalli <>
> to the patch?
Sure, that would be good!

> Best regards,
> Nam

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