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SubjectRe: [PATCH] eventfs: Have inodes have unique inode numbers
stop making things more complicated than they need to be.


It was a bad idea last time, it's a horribly bad idea this time too.

I'm not taking this kind of crap.

The whole "get_next_ino()" should be "atomic64_add_return()". End of story.

You arent' special. If the VFS functions don't work for you, you don't
use them, but dammit, you also don't then steal them without
understanding what they do, and why they were necessary.

The reason get_next_ino() is critical is because it's used by things
like pipes and sockets etc that get created at high rates, the the
inode numbers most definitely do not get cached.

You copied that function without understanding why it does what it
does, and as a result your code IS GARBAGE.


Honestly, kill this thing with fire. It was a bad idea. I'm putting my
foot down, and you are *NOT* doing unique regular file inode numbers
uintil somebody points to a real problem.

Because this whole "I make up problems, and then I write overly
complicated crap code to solve them" has to stop,.

No more. This stops here.

I don't want to see a single eventfs patch that doesn't have a real
bug report associated with it. And the next time I see you copying VFS
functions (or any other core functions) without udnerstanding what the
f*ck they do, and why they do it, I'm going to put you in my
spam-filter for a week.

I'm done. I'm really *really* tired of having to look at eventfs garbage.


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