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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] i2c: rcar: add support for Gen4 devices
Hi Shimoda-san,

> I tested the branch on the Spider, and then the i2c cannot be probed with the following errors:
> -----
> # dmesg | grep i2c
> [ 1.528773] i2c_dev: i2c /dev entries driver
> [ 1.533572] i2c-rcar e6500000.i2c: clk 395647/400000(133333333), round 46, CDF: 6 SMD 20 SCL gran 27

These values look good and match the values from Falcon.

> [ 1.554646] i2c-rcar e6500000.i2c: request_channel failed for tx (-517)
> [ 1.561487] i2c-rcar e6500000.i2c: request_channel failed for tx (-517)
> [ 1.568133] i2c-rcar e6500000.i2c: request_channel failed for rx (-517)

-EPROBE_DEFER when requesting the DMA channel? This is weird, at first
glimpse this seems unrelated to my series. But you say v6.6-rc1 works
fine. Strange.

> I checked that the v6.6-rc1 (commit 0bb80ecc33a8) could worked correctly.
> JFYI, I pasted whole log at the end of this email. Should I do git bisect to find
> a bad commit on the branch?

Very kind of you but I think this is not needed. There is a Spider in
Kieran's lab and I will try to reproduce the issue there myself. If that
doesn't work, I'll come back to you.

Thank you for the report!

All the best,


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