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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/8] Flush RSC votes properly on more RPMh platforms

On 31.05.2023 23:45, Doug Anderson wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, May 31, 2023 at 7:26 AM Konrad Dybcio <> wrote:
>> On 31.05.2023 15:22, Konrad Dybcio wrote:
>>> As pointed out in [1], the Linux implementation of RSC basically requires
>>> (even if not explicitly) that we point it to a power domain which
>>> represents the power state of the CPUs. In an effort to fulfill that
>>> requirement, make it required in bindings and hook it up on all platforms
>>> where I was able to do. This means all RPMh platforms, except
>>> - SC7180
>>> - SC7280
>>> - SA8775
>>> As there wasn't an idle-states setup (which may be on purpose for CrOS
>>> devices, certainly not for Windows SC7[12]80s) that I could validate.
>>> (Doug, Bartosz, could you guys look into your respective platforms of
>>> interest here?)
>>> This series also adds support for idle states on SM6350, as I was able
>>> to add and test that.
>> I noticed that 7280 is WIP:
> Right. For sc7180 Chromebooks we don't use OSI (OS Initiated) mode but
> instead use PC (Platform Coordinated) mode. As I understand it, that
> means we take a different path through all this stuff.
> That being said, in the sc7280 thread you pointed at, Bjorn and Ulf
> said that we could use the new device tree snippets for sc7280 even
> before the ATF update. If I'm reading the thread correctly and the
> same applies to sc7180:
> 1. New DT plus firmware that doesn't support OSI - OK
> 2. New DT plus firmware that supports OSI - OK after code changes
> 3. Old DT plus firmware that doesn't support OSI - OK
> 4. Old DT plus firmware that supports OSI - Not OK
> For sc7180 Chromebooks we'll never have firmware that supports OSI.
> That means that, assuming I'm understanding correctly, we actually
> could move the DT to represent things the new way. Presumably this
> would be important for sc7180 devices that originally shipped with
> Windows (I think support for one of these is underway).
It's even merged now!

Yeah, AFAICT all you said makes sense

I don't however know how you tell RSC driver that your platform is
going to sleep when using PC mode..

> -Doug

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