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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Documentation: Document each netlink family
On Mon, 20 Nov 2023 12:43:11 -0800 Breno Leitao wrote:
> > %.rst: $(YNL_YAML_DIR)/%.yaml
> > $(YNL_TOOL) -i $< -o $@
> That is basically what it does now in the current implementation, but,
> you don't need to pass the full path and no output file, since it knows
> where to get the file and where to save it to.
> If you are curious about the current python script, I've pushed it here:
> I can easily remove the paths inside the python file and only keep it in
> the Makefile, so, we can use -i $< and -o $@.

I think switching to -i / -o with full paths and removing the paths
from the generator is worthwhile.

We'll need to call the generator for another place sooner or later.

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