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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/4] Add PinePhone Pro display support

> This series add support for the display present in the PinePhone Pro.
> Patch #1 adds a driver for panels using the Himax HX8394 panel controller,
> such as the HSD060BHW4 720x1440 TFT LCD panel present in the PinePhone Pro.
> Patch #2 adds a devicetree binding schema for this driver and patch #3 adds
> an entry for the driver in the MAINTAINERS file.
> Finally patch #4 adds the needed devicetree nodes in the PinePhone Pro DTS,
> to enable both the display and the touchscreen. This makes the upstream DTS
> much more usable and will allow for example to enable support for the phone
> in the Fedora distribution.

Thanks for the series. Please cc: with
future patches.

Best regards,
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