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SubjectRe: [syzbot] INFO: rcu detected stall in net_tx_action
syzbot suspects this issue was fixed by commit:

commit 0a9a25ca78437b39e691bcc3dc8240455b803d8d
Author: Ming Lei <>
Date: Fri Mar 18 13:01:43 2022 +0000

block: let blkcg_gq grab request queue's refcnt

bisection log:
start commit: d6765985a42a Revert "be2net: disable bh with spin_lock in ..
git tree: net
kernel config:
dashboard link:
syz repro:
C reproducer:

If the result looks correct, please mark the issue as fixed by replying with:

#syz fix: block: let blkcg_gq grab request queue's refcnt

For information about bisection process see:

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