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SubjectRE: mainline build failure due to 281d0c962752 ("fortify: Add Clang support")
From: Nick Desaulniers
> Sent: 22 June 2022 23:40
> > We don't actually take full advantage of that, because we do end up
> > doing a real "build" of an empty file, so "cc1" does actually get
> > executed, but even then it's done fairly efficiently with 'vfork()'.
> > That "cc-option" part of the kernel build is actually noticeable
> > during configuration etc, and clang is *much* slower because of how it
> > is built.
> >
> > See
> >
> > time clang -Werror -c -x c /dev/null
> >
> > and compare it with gcc. And if you want to see a really *big*
> > difference, pick a command line option that causes an error because it
> > doesn't exist..
> Looking at a profile, there's a lot of stupid stuff we're doing. We
> can probably get faster "at doing nothing." See
> for the profile and my commentary/initial thoughts.
> >
> > I really wish clang wasn't so much noticeably slower. It's limiting
> > what I do with it, and I've had other developers say the same.
> We can do better. I'll keep pushing on this up my chain of command.
> That statement stands in stark contrast to the below:

The slow startup must also make a big difference to anything
that uses autoconf.
That tends to run a lot of compiles of trivial code just to
find out that the system is 'normal'.


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