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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] f2fs: Convert f2fs_write_cache_pages() to use filemap_get_folios_tag()
On Wed, Dec 21, 2022 at 09:17:30AM -0800, Vishal Moola wrote:
> > That said, folio_ref_inct() is very much MM-internal and filesystems
> > should be using folio_get(), so please make that modification in the
> > next revision, Vishal.
> Ok, I'll go through and fix all of those in the next version.

Btw, something a lot more productive in this area would be to figure out
how we could convert all these copy and paste versions of
write_cache_pages to use common code. This might need changes to the
common code, but the amount of duplicate and poorly maintained versions
of this loop is a bit alarming:

- btree_write_cache_pages
- extent_write_cache_pages
- f2fs_write_cache_pages
- gfs2_write_cache_jdata

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