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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/2] Documentation: dt-bindings: k3-r5f-rproc: Add new compatible for AM62 SoC family
On 21/12/2022 17:29, Devarsh Thakkar wrote:
>> Just look at your patch - it is clearly incorrect. You said in the patch
>> that for compatibles other than ti,am64-r5fss cluster mode is BOTH [0,
>> 1] AND false.
> cluster-mode is BOTH [0,1] and false only in case of AM62x as per below snippet

Yes, for that variant you have conflicting approach.

, but since it's under allOf the impact of latter will supersede, schema
validation will fail even if cluster-mode set to 0 or 1 for am62x due to
below snippet as shared in obesrvation log above [2].

Yeah, but the code is confusing. So again - you are saying with allOf
that both conditions are applicable. Your intentions of superseding do
not matter here - you said that allOf conditions must be taken into
account. These conditions can be reversed any time, don't you think?

> " - if:
> properties:
> compatible:
> enum:
> - ti,am62-r5fss
> then:
> properties:
> ti,cluster-mode: false"
> Sorry for the back and forth, I just thought to describe more clearly what I was up-to as I thought above should be functionally fine and it also saves us from having separate if blocks for each compatible, but I am open to adding separate if blocks as you earlier suggested if that seems more cleaner solution.

You need to fix your email client to properly wrap messages.

Best regards,

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