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Subject[PATCH v3 0/7] Basic device tree support for StarFive JH7110 RISC-V SoC
This patch series adds basic device tree support for StarFive JH7110 SoC.
This patch series depends on series [1] and [2]. You can simply get or
review the patches at the link [3].


Changes since v2:
- Rebased on tag v6.1.
- Dropped patch 8 because it was merged.
Patch 1:
- Made the links into "Link:" tags. (by Conor)
- Corrected the board name to "VisionFive 2" instead of
"VisionFive V2" and added compatibles for version A and
version B of VisionFive 2. (by Emil)
Patch 4:
- Used "sifive,ccache0" compatible string to match. (by Conor)
Patch 5:
- Dropped "select SIFIVE_CCACHE" in config SOC_STARFIVE. (by Conor)
- Dropped "starfive,jh7110-ccache" compatible in
Patch 6:
- Removed all "clock-frequency = <0>". (by Conor)
- Sorted the nodes after their addresses. (by Emil)
- Renamed "clk_rtc" to "rtc_osc".
- Added "sifive,ccache0" compatible in the cache-controller node.
- Renamed "JH7110_SYSCLK_APB_BUS_FUNC" to "JH7110_SYSCLK_APB_BUS" and
renamed "apb_bus_func" to "apb_bus".
- Removed "reg-names" in gpio nodes.
Patch 7:
- Corrected the board name to "VisionFive 2" instead of "VisionFive V2".
- Renamed jh7110-starfive-visionfive-v2.dts to
- Added dts for VisionFive 2 version A and version B boards.
- In the chosen node, deleted "linux,initrd-start" and "linux,initrd-end"
and changed the value of "stdout-path" to "serial0:115200n8".
- Changed the bias of uart0 "rx-pins" to
"bias-disable; /* external pull-up */".
- Renamed "clk_rtc" to "rtc_osc".
- Moved the gpio node behind the uart0 node.


Changes since v1:
- Rebased on tag v6.1-rc5.
- Added blank line in patch 1. (by Krzysztof)
- Rebased patch 4 and 6 on the newest code. (by Conor)
- Dropped patch 5. (by Conor)
- Removed the quirk of JH7100 in patch 6, considering this patch series
should only add support for JH7110.
- For patch 27, added Co-developed-by tag for Jianlong and me. Renamed
cpu labels to "S76_0", "U74_*" instead of "cpu*" following the style
of jh7100.dtsi. Moved all "clock-frequency" properties to the board dts.
Rewrote clock-controller nodes and deleted reset-controller nodes for
using auxiliary bus. Rewrote gpio nodes following generic pinctrl
bindings. Removed the redundant second reset entry of uart nodes.
- For patch 28, added Co-developed-by tag for Jianlong and me. Added a
chosen node. Removed reserved-memory node. Added fixed frequency clock
nodes for overriding the "clock-frequency" properties. Rewrote the gpio
nodes following generic pinctrl bindings.
- Dropped patch 30. (by Conor)
- Reworded the commit messages.


Emil Renner Berthing (7):
dt-bindings: riscv: Add StarFive JH7110 SoC and VisionFive 2 board
dt-bindings: timer: Add StarFive JH7110 clint
dt-bindings: interrupt-controller: Add StarFive JH7110 plic
dt-bindings: sifive,ccache0: Support StarFive JH7110 SoC
soc: sifive: ccache: Add StarFive JH7110 support
riscv: dts: starfive: Add initial StarFive JH7110 device tree
riscv: dts: starfive: Add StarFive JH7110 VisionFive 2 board device

.../sifive,plic-1.0.0.yaml | 1 +
.../bindings/riscv/sifive,ccache0.yaml | 9 +-
.../devicetree/bindings/riscv/starfive.yaml | 6 +
.../bindings/timer/sifive,clint.yaml | 1 +
arch/riscv/boot/dts/starfive/Makefile | 1 +
.../jh7110-starfive-visionfive-2-va.dts | 13 +
.../jh7110-starfive-visionfive-2-vb.dts | 13 +
.../jh7110-starfive-visionfive-2.dtsi | 111 +++++
arch/riscv/boot/dts/starfive/jh7110.dtsi | 411 ++++++++++++++++++
drivers/soc/Makefile | 2 +-
drivers/soc/sifive/Kconfig | 2 +-
11 files changed, 567 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 arch/riscv/boot/dts/starfive/jh7110-starfive-visionfive-2-va.dts
create mode 100644 arch/riscv/boot/dts/starfive/jh7110-starfive-visionfive-2-vb.dts
create mode 100644 arch/riscv/boot/dts/starfive/jh7110-starfive-visionfive-2.dtsi
create mode 100644 arch/riscv/boot/dts/starfive/jh7110.dtsi

base-commit: 830b3c68c1fb1e9176028d02ef86f3cf76aa2476
prerequisite-patch-id: 4dc515731ce237184553c1606ffb3afaeb51c3d8
prerequisite-patch-id: 09c98554df52d17ba5fd604125f8cdd62cbe80d1
prerequisite-patch-id: a798370d170dc2bcc79ed86f741c21c1e6d87c78
prerequisite-patch-id: bd9fd8b5cb2376dc7a5e08e1a1fbb969cf475926
prerequisite-patch-id: c57ebb83bc43ccd2a8366ff166eb499da1e1d2cf
prerequisite-patch-id: a1673a9e9f19d6fab5a51abb721e54e36636f067
prerequisite-patch-id: 94860423c7acc9025249d4bb36652a585bd0a797
prerequisite-patch-id: b5084253283929d9a6d0e66c350400c7c85d034d
prerequisite-patch-id: 6e369dbe9dca2785e4ea7d0b80e525e227a90a6e
prerequisite-patch-id: e08806183c152714c563f3a21c6d7b2f539c4d6e
prerequisite-patch-id: 79db8036abdc48fd36da227652ec62627a6b548b
prerequisite-patch-id: 06971b8e6bddc0e87e63bfdb0ce8bfb653bd73aa
prerequisite-patch-id: 16309a0e23811a2c55d2e56886de3e8eccc51554
prerequisite-patch-id: bf4f7ab0b6cfa90b6e49e66c7d75ed2eaaebbe78
prerequisite-patch-id: 38468d532e87867990055d3320679f18c5f52278
prerequisite-patch-id: 4710f2ac22dca0bdd9ff5d744d2c37cab3c74515

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