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Subject[PATCH] HID: uclogic: Add support for recent Huion tablets
Hi Inochi and thanks for the patch!

> Since Huion uses a new device id for recent tablets, add a new
> device id 0x0064 to support recent Huion tablets.
> At least these tablets are using device id 0x0064:
> Gaomon 1060 Pro (0x256c:0x0064)
> Gaomon M6 (0x256c:0x0064)
> Huion KD200 (0x256c:0x0064)
> Huion KD100 (0x256c:0x0064)
> This patch was tested on Gaomon 1060 Pro and Huion KD200. This patch
> may affect other models with the same id, however, it's seems that the
> other models of Huion do not have incompatible hardware changes, so
> this patch should still work.

While this patch is correct, HUION always reuse the same vendor/product
IDs, meaning that it'll affect a fairly big number of devices.

Checking some comments in DIGImend's issue tracker [1], users report
that their tablet works applying a similar patch. However, I think that
it could be a good idea if you could build a version of the driver
including your patch and request them to test it.

I'm pretty sure it'll work, but it might be a good idea to test it on
more devices before merging it.

Best wishes,


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