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SubjectRe: [patch V3 09/33] genirq/msi: Add range checking to msi_insert_desc()
On 12/16/22 05:58, Marc Zyngier wrote:
[ ... ]

>> With both these fixes applied, it actually then leads to the very
>> next WARN_ON failing in msi_ctrl_valid... Because ctrl->last ==
>> hwsize. I think Thomas' initial fix for msi_domain_get_hwsize has
>> an off-by-1 error, I think we should return MSI_XA_DOMAIN_SIZE for
>> msi_domain_get_hwsize instead.
> Yes, that's a good point, and that's consistent with what
> __msi_create_irq_domain() does already, assuming MSI_XA_DOMAIN_SIZE
> when info->hwsize is 0. No reason to do something else here.
> I'll update Thomas' patch. Once Guenter confirms that PPC is OK, I'll
> send it out.

It wasn't just ppc; that was just the easiest to report. I applied
the two patches on top of the irq merge and will test the resulting
branch (mainline is too broken right now). I hope that will give me
useful results. It will take a while though since my testbed is
still busy testing the most recent release candidates.


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