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SubjectRE: [PATCH linux-next] x86/mce/dev-mcelog: use strscpy() to instead of strncpy()
>> The implementation of strscpy() is more robust and safer.
>> That's now the recommended way to copy NUL terminated strings.
> It should read "NULL-terminated strings".

Both "NUL-terminated" and "NULL-terminated" seem to be used in the kernel
source and commit comments. NULL is ahead 124:45 in the source, but it
is closer in the commit logs where the ratio is 129:76.

Single "L" NUL seems technically more accurate as the string terminator is
an ascii NUL character. From man 5 ascii the character name is NUL (though
the description says "null" to muddy the waters)

Oct Dec Hex Char
000 0 00 NUL '\0' (null character)


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