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SubjectRe: Subject: Locking mv88e6xxx_reg_lock twice leads deadlock for 88E6176 switch
On Wed, Dec 14, 2022 at 01:58:55AM +0300, Maksim Kiselev wrote:
> Hello, friends.


> I have a device with Marvell 88E6176 switch.
> After 'mv88e6xxx: fix speed setting for CPU/DSA ports (cc1049ccee20)'commit was applied to
> mainline kernel I faced with a problem that switch driver stuck at 'mv88e6xxx_probe' function.

Sorry for that.

> I made some investigations and found that 'mv88e6xxx_reg_lock' called twice from the same thread which leads to deadlock.
> I added logs to 'mv88e6xxx_reg_lock' and 'mv88e6xxx_reg_unlock' functions to see what happened.

I hope you didn't spend too much time doing that. If you enable CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING,
you should automatically get a stack trace with the two threads that
acquired the mutex leading to the deadlock.

I've sent a patch which solves that issue here:
I've regression-tested it on 88E6390. Please confirm with a Tested-by:
tag on that patch that it does resolve the deadlock for 88E6176.

Thanks for reporting!

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