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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/2] add hooks for usb suspend and resume

On 14.12.22 09:14, Puma Hsu wrote:
> In mobile, a co-processor can be used for USB audio. When the co-processor
> is working for USB audio, the co-processor is the user/owner of the USB
> driver, and the ACPU is able to sleep in such condition to improve power
> consumption. In order to support this, we need to create hooks in suspend
> and resume functions. We also upload our implementations for reviewing.

Ok, before this gets hopelessly unproductive, please describe what
you are aiming at and operating on in greater detail.

It looks to me like you have an audio device that is connected
to the host by USB _and_ another bus. Is that correct?
Will you submit the "subdriver" that drives the device over
that secondary bus?
The operation over the secondary bus requires a hook in USB
power management. Why?

Secondly, the naming is atrocious.

Now could we please first define the technical nature of the issue,
so that we fully understand it before we debate the desirability?


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