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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 0/9] drivers: hv: dxgkrnl: Driver overview

On 1/12/2022 2:12 PM, Nathan Chancellor wrote:
> Hi Iouri,
> > We're looking forward additional feedback.
> I have been including this patch set into my downstream WSL2 kernel that
> I build with clang and I noticed an instance of -Wenum-conversion that
> is still present in this revision:Please consider cleaning this up in a future revision so that clang
> builds stay clean :)
> ...
> I happened to notice there was another function that looks very similar
> to command_vgpu_to_host_init0(), command_vm_to_host_init0(), which is
> also unused. This was hidden because it is marked as "static inline" in
> a .c file, which should generally be avoided; I would recommend
> replacing all instances of "static inline" with just "static". The
> compiler will still inline it if it feels it is worthwhile. Doing this
> reveals one other unused function, is_empty():
> $ sed -i 's/static inline /static /g' drivers/hv/dxgkrnl/*.c
> $ make -skj"$(nproc)" LLVM=1 drivers/hv/dxgkrnl/
> drivers/hv/dxgkrnl/hmgr.c:167:13: warning: unused function 'is_empty' [-Wunused-function]
> static bool is_empty(struct hmgrtable *table)
> ^
> 1 warning generated.
> drivers/hv/dxgkrnl/dxgvmbus.c:234:13: warning: unused function 'command_vm_to_host_init0' [-Wunused-function]
> static void command_vm_to_host_init0(struct dxgkvmb_command_vm_to_host
> ^
> 1 warning generated.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks a lot! We will get this fixed


> Cheers,
> Nathan

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