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SubjectRE: [RFC 10/20] iommu/iommufd: Add IOMMU_DEVICE_GET_INFO
> From: Tian, Kevin
> Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2021 11:11 AM
> >
> > The required behavior for iommufd is to have the IOMMU ignore the
> > no-snoop bit so that Intel HW can disable wbinvd. This bit should be
> > clearly documented for its exact purpose and if other arches also have
> > instructions that need to be disabled if snoop TLPs are allowed then
> > they can re-use this bit. It appears ARM does not have this issue and
> > does not need the bit.
> Disabling wbinvd is one purpose. imo the more important intention
> is that iommu vendor uses different PTE formats between snoop and
> !snoop. As long as we want allow userspace to opt in case of isoch
> performance requirement (unlike current vfio which always choose
> snoop format if available), such mechanism is required for all vendors.

btw I'm not sure whether the wbinvd trick is Intel specific. All other
platforms (amd, arm, s390, etc.) currently always claim OMMU_CAP_
CACHE_COHERENCY (the source of IOMMU_CACHE). They didn't hit
this problem because vfio always sets IOMMU_CACHE to force every
DMA to snoop. Will they need to handle similar wbinvd-like trick (plus
necessary memory type virtualization) when non-snoop format is enabled?
Or are their architectures highly optimized to afford isoch traffic even
with snoop (then fine to not support user opt-in)?


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