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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/3] x86/mce: Avoid infinite loop for copy from user recovery
On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 05:29:40PM -0700, Tony Luck wrote:
> Recovery action when get_user() triggers a machine check uses the fixup
> path to make get_user() return -EFAULT. Also queue_task_work() sets up
> so that kill_me_maybe() will be called on return to user mode to send
> a SIGBUS to the current process.
> But there are places in the kernel where the code assumes that this
> EFAULT return was simply because of a page fault. The code takes some
> action to fix that, and then retries the access. This results in a second
> machine check.
> While processing this second machine check queue_task_work() is called
> again. But since this uses the same callback_head structure that was used
> in the first call, the net result is an entry on the current->task_works
> list that points to itself. When task_work_run() is called it loops
> forever in this code:
> do {
> next = work->next;
> work->func(work);
> work = next;
> cond_resched();
> } while (work);
> Add a counter (current->mce_count) to keep track of repeated machine
> checks before task_work() is called. First machine check saves the address
> information and calls task_work_add(). Subsequent machine checks before
> that task_work call back is executed check that the address is in the
> same page as the first machine check (since the callback will offline
> exactly one page).
> Expected worst case is two machine checks before moving on (e.g. one user
> access with page faults disabled, then a repeat to the same addrsss with
> page faults enabled). Just in case there is some code that loops forever
> enforce a limit of 10.
> Cc: <>

What about a Fixes: tag?

I guess backporting this to the respective kernels is predicated upon
the existence of those other "places" in the kernel where code assumes
the EFAULT was because of a #PF.



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