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Subject[pinctrl-amd] 5.14-rcX, d62bd5ce12d79bcd6a6c3e4381daa7375dc21158 breaks poweroff/shutdown on ThinkPads

while doing S0ix testing on my P14s gen1 AMD I noticed the machine won't
poweroff/shutdown anymore starting with 5.14-rc1,

it just reboots. The machine set to S3 in BIOS works as expected.

I have  confirmed the T14/T14s/X13 AMD gen1 models have the same problem
so I've run a bisect.

crazy@ThinkPad-P14s:~/Work/kernel/git/linux$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# bad: [e73f0f0ee7541171d89f2e2491130c7771ba58d3] Linux 5.14-rc1
git bisect bad e73f0f0ee7541171d89f2e2491130c7771ba58d3
# good: [62fb9874f5da54fdb243003b386128037319b219] Linux 5.13
git bisect good 62fb9874f5da54fdb243003b386128037319b219
# good: [e058a84bfddc42ba356a2316f2cf1141974625c9] Merge tag
'drm-next-2021-07-01' of git://
git bisect good e058a84bfddc42ba356a2316f2cf1141974625c9
# bad: [eed0218e8cae9fcd186c30e9fcf5fe46a87e056e] Merge tag
'char-misc-5.14-rc1' of
git bisect bad eed0218e8cae9fcd186c30e9fcf5fe46a87e056e
# bad: [bd31b9efbf549d9630bf2f269a3a56dcb29fcac1] Merge tag 'scsi-misc'
of git://
git bisect bad bd31b9efbf549d9630bf2f269a3a56dcb29fcac1
# bad: [406254918b232db198ed60f5bf1f8b84d96bca00] Merge tag
'perf-tools-for-v5.14-2021-07-01' of
git bisect bad 406254918b232db198ed60f5bf1f8b84d96bca00
# good: [e04360a2ea01bf42aa639b65aad81f502e896c7f] Merge tag 'for-linus'
of git://
git bisect good e04360a2ea01bf42aa639b65aad81f502e896c7f
# good: [b869d5be0acf0e125e69adcffdca04000dc5b17c] ipc/util.c: use
binary search for max_idx
git bisect good b869d5be0acf0e125e69adcffdca04000dc5b17c
# good: [6495e762522d4cf73d0b339830091799881eb025] perf dlfilter: Add
attr() to perf_dlfilter_fns
git bisect good 6495e762522d4cf73d0b339830091799881eb025
# bad: [a32b344e6f4375c5bdc3e89d0997b7eae187a3b1] Merge tag
'pinctrl-v5.14-1' of
git bisect bad a32b344e6f4375c5bdc3e89d0997b7eae187a3b1
# bad: [897120d41e7afd9da435cb00041a142aeeb53c07] pinctrl: mcp23s08: fix
race condition in irq handler
git bisect bad 897120d41e7afd9da435cb00041a142aeeb53c07
# bad: [8b4c397d88d97d4fd9c3f3527aa66688b1a3387a] dt-bindings: pinctrl:
mt65xx: add mt8365 SoC binding
git bisect bad 8b4c397d88d97d4fd9c3f3527aa66688b1a3387a
# bad: [ef9385fbf30e9484e4291db76e000b8961419782] pinctrl: iproc-gpio:
Remove redundant error printing in iproc_gpio_probe()
git bisect bad ef9385fbf30e9484e4291db76e000b8961419782
# bad: [969ef42b1ae094da99b8acbf14864f94d37f6e58] pinctrl: qcom:
spmi-mpp: Add compatible for pmi8994
git bisect bad 969ef42b1ae094da99b8acbf14864f94d37f6e58
# bad: [d62bd5ce12d79bcd6a6c3e4381daa7375dc21158] pinctrl: amd:
Implement irq_set_wake
git bisect bad d62bd5ce12d79bcd6a6c3e4381daa7375dc21158
# good: [ac5f8197d15cf37d7ae37ff5b6438abe6c8509a6] dt-bindings: pinctrl:
convert Broadcom Northstar to the json-schema
git bisect good ac5f8197d15cf37d7ae37ff5b6438abe6c8509a6
# first bad commit: [d62bd5ce12d79bcd6a6c3e4381daa7375dc21158] pinctrl:
amd: Implement irq_set_wake

Reverting d62bd5ce12d79bcd6a6c3e4381daa7375dc21158 fixes the problem.

Best Regards,

Gabriel C.

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