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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 PING] kallsyms: new /proc/kallmodsyms with builtin modules and symbol sizes
On 7 Jul 2021, Jessica Yu uttered the following:

> +++ Nick Alcock [06/07/21 20:33 +0100]:
>> 15 files changed, 1309 insertions(+), 67 deletions(-)
> This diffstat is seriously _enormous_. Please don't send patches of
> this size and expect people to be willing to review :-(. Please break
> this up into a logical sequence of smaller patches to help your
> potential reviewers and resend with a cover letter.

Heh, this is very project-dependent it seems. I've been told not to
split up things so finely when sending series containing 3000+-line
commits to various toolchain projects before :)

Since you are in the "slice finely" camp, I'll split it up a bunch and
resend. (This will necessarily involve adding things in one commit to
no obvious purpose in that commit, but I'll keep the intermediate stages
building and booting, of course.)

NULL && (void)

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