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SubjectRe: [Intel-wired-lan] [PATCH 2/2] igc: wait for the MAC copy when enabled MAC passthrough

On 7/5/21 7:54 PM, Neftin, Sasha wrote:
> Hello Aaron, Thanks to point me on this document. I see... This is recommendation for Windows driver. Anyway, "delay" approach is error-prone. We need rather ask for MNG FW confirmation (message) that MAC address is copied.
> Can we call (in case we know that MNG FW copied MAC address):
> igc_rar_set (method from igc_mac.c), update the mac.addr and then perform": memcpy(netdev->dev_addr, hw->mac.addr, netdev->addr_len);?

Without delay, after igc_rar_set, the MAC address is all 0.
The MAC addr is the from dock instead of MAC passthrough with the original driver.


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