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Subject[PATCH 0/2] firmware: dmi: Avoid (some) empty names in kernel log

I've noticed one of my systems shows this output in the kernel log:

Legacy DMI 2.0 present.
DMI: /i430HX, BIOS 4.51 PG 05/13/98

which leaves something to desire. While the contents of /sys/firmware/dmi
remain the main source of DMI data, along with output from `dmidecode',
the summary from the kernel log is often readily available with various
reports, making it a point of easy reference. Therefore I think empty
names are best avoided if possible.

The system in question is a Tyan Tomcat IV S1564D mainboard, which has
its System Information all empty, not unreasonably as it was sold as a
bare board for field integration rather that a complete system. It does
have the manufacturer correctly recorded with Base Board Information

I have therefore made this mini patch series, with 2/2 printing the board
manufacturer if none has been given for the system, and including 1/2 as
well to prevent a trailing slash with an empty board name, following my
observation made with an unrelated issue where the reporter included a log
with just "/" shown as the system name.

See individual change descriptions for further details.

Please apply.


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