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Subjectdiv_u64/do_div stack size usage, was Re: [v3] block: Removed a warning while compiling with a cross compiler for parisc
On Tue, Jul 06, 2021 at 05:30:54PM +0200, Abd-Alrhman Masalkhi wrote:
> Thank you for your comment, the div_u64 function is called 5 times
> inside diskstats_show function, so I have made a test case; I have
> replaced one call with a constant number then I have compiled the
> kernel, the result was instead of emitting "the frame size of 1656
> bytes is larger than 1280 bytes" warning, it has emitted "the frame
> size of 1328 bytes is larger than 1280 bytes" warning, so I came to the
> conclusion that each call to div_u64 will add 328 bytes to the stack
> frame of diskstats_show function, since it is an inlined function. so I
> thought it might be the solution that to preventing div_u64 to be
> inlined in diskstats_show function.

Adding a bunch of relevant parties to the CC list - any idea how we
can make the generic do_div / div_u64 not use up such gigantic amounts
of stack?

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