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SubjectRe: [PATCH Part1 RFC v3 22/22] virt: Add SEV-SNP guest driver

On 7/3/21 11:19 AM, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 04:32:25PM -0500, Brijesh Singh wrote:
>> The spec definition is present in include/linux/psp-sev.h but sometime
>> we don't expose the spec defs as-is to userspace.
> Why?
> Having such undocumented and maybe unwarranted differences - I still
> don't see a clear reason why - is calling for additional and unnecessary
> confusion.

Because some of fields don't make any sense for the userspace interfaces. 

>> Several SEV/SEV-SNP does not need to be exposed to the userspace,
>> those which need to be expose we provide a bit modified Linux uapi for
>> it, and for SEV drivers we choose "_user" prefix.
> Is that documented somewhere?
> Because "user" doesn't tell me it is a modified structure which is
> different from the spec.

We have good documentation for the SEV ioctl and structure provided
through the KVM interface.

Unfortunately the the documentation for the ioctl and structure provided
through /dev/sev does not exist. We could look into adding this
documentation outside this series. The structure provided through
/dev/sev is identical to the structure documented in the spec with minor
changes such as not exposing reserved fields or rename from paddr to
uaddr etc.

>> e.g
>> a spec definition for the PEK import in include/linux/psp-sev.h is:
>> struct sev_data_pek_cert_import {
>> u64 pdh_cert_address; /* system physical address */
>> u32 pdh_cert_len;
>> u32 reserved;
>> ...
>> };
>> But its corresponding userspace structure def in include/uapi/linux/psp-sev.h is:
>> struct sev_user_data_pek_cert_import {
>> __u64 pek_cert_uaddr; /* userspace address */
>> __u32 pek_cert_len;
>> ...
>> };
> And the difference is a single "u32 reserved"?

Mostly yes.

> Dunno, from where I'm standing this looks like unnecessary confusion to
> me.
>> The ioctl handling takes care of mapping from uaddr to pa and other
>> things as required. So, I took similar approach for the SEV-SNP guest
>> ioctl. In this particular case the guest request structure defined in
>> the spec contains multiple field but many of those fields are managed
>> internally by the kernel (e.g seqno, IV, etc etc).
> Ok, multiple fields sounds like you wanna save on the data that is
> shovelled between kernel and user space and then some of the fields
> don't mean a thing for the user API. Ok.
> But again, where is this documented and stated clear so that people are
> aware?
> Or are you assuming that since the user counterparts are in
> include/uapi/linux/psp-sev.h
> ^^^^
> and it being an uapi header, then that should state that?
Yes, the assumption is user wanting to communicate to PSP through
/dev/sev will need to include include psp-sev.h from
uapi/linux/psp-sev.h. The header file itself document the fields
definition, and then user need to refer to SEV SPEC for the further
details. I could start documenting the SNP specific ioctl in
Documentation/virt/coco/sevguest.rst and it can be later expanded to
cover SEV and SEV-ES.


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